• Sandy Rose

Playing The Cards You're Dealt

Life comes with many choices as we grow and age. With that said we also have areas

of our life that seem out of our control; whether hereditary, environment or just circumstance. Changing our hair color is one thing but changing our personality is another. We have weaknesses, strengths and tendencies that seem to repeat itself in our life. Good luck and bad luck efforts all of us. Our reaction to both can change a life path or stalemate us. It boils down to “playing the cards we’re dealt”. We think people with good looks or “three aces” in their hand, have it made. But what if someone else has “four twos” or more ambition than “good looks”. It’s rare to have a “perfect hand” and even more rare to have a “perfect life”. We all have talents that are unique to us. Working with what you have each day is better than waiting for that one “perfect hand”. You miss a lot of small gains in your life waiting for the big windfall.

Don’t waste your time lamenting about what you don’t have, envying other’s achievements. So you didn’t have the greatest parents or childhood. Learn from that and do better with your family. Your IQ isn’t off the charts, but you have cultivated good common sense. Believe in who you are, not in who you wish you were! Unfortunately, life doesn't come with a manual, not for you or your parents. We have to play many roles in our lifetime, from student to grandparent, and lots of complicated relationships in-between. I can’t say I was good at any one thing, but I kept trying, taking on new challenges when the opportunities seemed right. I’ve learned that some of those people we most admire for their achievements in life also felt they had failed in other areas of their life. We all judge ourselves more harshly than others might. Believing you were created the way God intended, helps you accept your limitations and yes, your quirks. I love finding the uniqueness in individuals.

So whether you are short or tall, highly educated or “street smart”, (high cards or low cards) you can have a winning hand. How we play the cards we’re dealt can build our confidence or contribute to our defeat. Every effort we make won’t be rewarded but we learn lessons that can help the next hand we hold. The same is true with relationships with family and friends. There are some personalities that just seem impossible to work with, so we “discard” them from our circle of friends. That difficult personality maybe what develops patience or an understand of a different view point in us. Even with 52 cards, every “hand” is different. How much more, every day of your life. What an opportunity to build something good and rewarding with what you say and do. It’s another chance to eliminate the negative thoughts of yourself, other people or circumstances. It doesn’t have to be the perfect hand to be the winning hand. A good day can be as simple as smiling more, accepting differences in loved ones, cherishing the life you’ve built on this journey. Let’s stop lamenting about what we

don’t have and appreciate the wonder and uniqueness of our individuality. I have won as often with two pair as I have with a full house. So too a winning day can be as simple as adding a little more confidence to your step, less doubt about your ability and more willingness to accept what you can’t chance. Forget that last hand or if you’ve failed before. Look at each day as a new opportunity and be the best You you can be!


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