Ease of Living and Peace of Mind

The Heritage was developed to be a pleasant, safe place to call home with many of our needs met through the HOA Dues.  It's beautiful now, and we want it to be beautiful forever.  No one likes paying HOA dues, but we get so much for what we pay. 

The Lodge

You have worked hard your whole life.  Now it's time to have fun!  More fun than resort living!  This is home.    

Beautiful Front Yards

Your front yard will be mowed, mulched and fertilized yearly. Additional services like backyard mowing, winterizing your sprinkler system, are offered at a reduced price by the contracted landscape company.  

Security Patrols

We have security patrols to keep us safe in our homes. We can call Professional Protection & Investigation for non-emergency situations in the neighborhood. 

Boat Access and Lakes

As part of Towne Lake, we can take our boats out on the lake to waterski or fish.  Boat launches and docks make loading your boat into the water easy.  We are "Young At Heart"!

Common Area Maintenance

Again, Mowing.  Not you!  But we get to live in a beautiful, manicured neighborhood with green grass and fresh flowers! 

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We have "People". Wonderful people who manage The Heritage for us. If you need help, you can call the front desk at the Lodge and they will know who to call! They pay the bills and keep us very happy!  

House Painting

No more ladders for us!  Every 8 years, your house will get repainted with some funds from your HOA dues.

Home Security Systems

Modern Security Concepts monitors our home security systems for us.  The Police, Ambulance or Fire Departments are available with a push of the button.


We do get the most magnificent sunset here and technically, the sunsets are free.  But your evening walk can be on miles of sidewalks around the lakes. You can sit on your patio and admire the wildlife in your own backyard. This is living!

Fence Maintenance and Replacement

Our common area fences will remain beautiful, intact and upright thanks to our dues.  They are stained and will be replaced, when needed, after 15 years. No more post hole digging in the hot sun! 

All Information is provided for informational purposes only.  You are required to do your own due diligence in making purchasing decisions.  This information on this website is subject to change frequently.  No liability is incurred if the information is incorrect. 

The Heritage at Towne Lake

19201 N. Canyon Lake Springs Dr. 
Cypress, TX 77433