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Marine Safety Hotline

The Marine Enforcement Officer patrols Towne Lake and its shorelines to assist in creating a safe recreational environment for all residents to enjoy.  The officer does not just enforce our motor boat operation rules and etiquette.  The officer has other duties such boater assistance.  There have been several occasions where a motor boat has experienced engine trouble and the officer provided towing assistance.  The officer also looks for large debris or other hazards

in the water that would be a danger to boats.


We have established a phone number you can use to make direct contact with the officer on the Marine Safety Boat.  The number will connect directly to the officer, however, if the officer is busy, it will go to voice mail.  Please leave a message and the officer will get back to you as soon as possible.  Use this number to report unsafe hazards on the lake or unsafe boat operations in which you believe the Marine Enforcement Officer should investigate.  You may also report things such as bridge jumpers, trespassing, un-decaled motor boats, un-decaled kayaks and canoes or other prohibited vessels such as jet skis.


This is NOT a substitute for calling 911 in the event of a life threatening emergency.  In such emergency, call 911 first, then youcan call the Marine Safety number for additional assistance.

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